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Create Online MLM Leads | MLM and Network Marketing Lead Generation Training


You are about to see the truth about making $$$ online, and yes it was there all the time!

“There are hundreds, probably even thousands of
Internet Marketing & Network Marketing gurus that are screaming they have


to your online success. I am going to share with you the two critical components most fail to tell you”.

No matter where you’re starting from — total newbie to experienced marketer… you can still achieve the freedom and lifestyle you deserve (and dream of) in less time than you’ve ever imagined if over the next couple of minutes  I can just communicate to you “THE TRUTH”

WARNING: Strong Dose of Reality Below…

Yes, I know the formula for writing a sales letter, create a problem, agitate the problem and offer a solution, but this information is coming straight from the soul.  I am sick and tired of the hype and all I want to do is help you use your common sense and finally “get” what you already know!

Decide now to continue reading, and learn:

  • Why 97% of network marketers are wasting every dime they spend on Internet Advertising & buying MLM Leads
  • Why most marketers have a bad case of information overload and never quite seem to be able to put what they learn into action!
  • How YOU can easily learn a few simple, free to implement techniques that will attract only SERIOUS, QUALITY PROSPECTS who are desperately “ready” for your opportunity
  • How many of my clients are being paid, just to expose their opportunity to prospects even when they don’t join and No, it’s not what you think.

Plus you’ll learn:

  • Exactly why you may not have achieved all the online success you’re capable of and the gurus have promised you.
  • Do Internet Marketers & Online Network Marketers intentionally rip you off?
  • Why you continue to waste time and money searching for Internet Riches.
  • How others are REALLY Achieving the fantastic incomes they talk about & what you must do to duplicate their success.

I am also going to share with you the common sense answers you already know, but continue to ignore!   If you’re not afraid of the answers, read on…

From: Dale Calvert
Date: Saturday, March 21, 2015 dc-pix
Dear Marketing Friend,If you’re tired of hearing how everyone else is making a killing on the Internet, of hearing about “making money in your underwear”, and about how easy it is to create “automated income” and (“multiple streams” of it, too)……while feeling that you still don’t have the whole picture… …this may be the letter you’ve been hoping for. The reason:You’re right. You haven’t had the whole picture, or at least most haven’t been able to put it together and make it work for their business.Or – more accurately – you are probably overwhelmed with information overload.I know my first few years online, I would sit down to research a marketing idea and 3 hours later I would have bought 3 eBooks, joined a new membership site and had totally forgotten what I was trying to research in the first place.  Does this sound familiar?Right now, you might be interested to know…

Why So Many Of Us Struggle

Everywhere you turn, some marketing guru is promoting THE NEXT BIG THING that will transform thousands of people into overnight millionaires.  Yes, there have been times I have bought into the hype, but in general it drives me crazy because they never take you behind the scenes and tell you the entire story.

We buy. We’re buying the hope that “this time”, we may get the final pieces of the puzzle.

Is it because we’re being “lied to” by the experts and their systems? 

I don’t think so.

Is it because people are lazy and never open their shiny new $1,497.00 information products course?

Maybe, in some cases. But that’s not the case for many of us. I have personally spent well over $10,000 the last few months on high dollar courses, and quite frankly they have been worth it, but would have done me no good under the bed!

For many of us, the truth is we try all the new stuff that comes along, and for some reason it just doesn’t seem to work at the level we had hoped.

Does that sound familiar? Then get ready for the startling truth.

The truth is…

You Never Had A Chance!

Imagine you and I both own a fast food franchise.

Neither of us ever owned a fast food franchise before, but we both
own the exact same franchise with the exact same burgers.

Now, when it came to planning your very complex marketing campaign, which would you do or choose from the list below  (you can only choose one):

  1. Just try to do it yourself through trial and error.
  2. Get a book of “Franchise Success tips” from an experienced franchise owner
  3. Get a book on keeping bathrooms clean, and one on accounting, and just “figure out” the rest yourself.
  4. Or…have a traffic count of 1 million cars go buy your business daily?

Which of the above four options makes the most sense?

I bet you agree with me on this one…

If You Don’t have Traffic Flow, nothing else matters! You understand that already, don’t you?

Here’s Your Rare Chance To Legally Steal The 21 FREE Methods  That I Use Every Month to Attract over 40,000 Visitors daily to my Websites so you can do it too and make more money while creating more quality prospects than you can keep up with!

Let’s be real! How many quality prospects did you attract today?

Yesterday?This Week?This Month?If you are like 92.5% of the people involved in network marketing, you need this information!

Most marketers websites are doing them about as much good as a billboard in the desert simply because they don’t have enough traffic!

Building a business on the Internet can be just as complex as running a franchise, but theone thing you absolutely positively  must “get” is it’s numbers, it all comes down to traffic.Let me put it this way.  If I have 1 million cars going by my franchise daily and you have 1,000 who is going to sell the most burgers?Now the powers to be put in a by-pass, the traffic is re-routed and now you have 1 million cars going by your business and I only have 1,000, who is going to sell the most burgers?To build a strong, safe, and sound online business, you need good solid plans, tested methods and fine-tuned systems that will insure your traffic flow at little or NO COST TO YOU!Often, we set out to build an online business with knowledge about only a few of the countless number of ways to drive traffic to our business.  We focus just on building traffic with pay per click, or social book marketing, free classifieds, etc.We’re often missing critical methods and systems  (imagine, for example, trying to build a successful franchise and having everything you need  — except the burgers!).This is not your fault — the truth is, our online marketing communities encourage this kind of approach…We love the smorgasbord of information.Today we’re interested in Adsense.Tomorrow there is a great new product that explains the power of well-crafted email marketing.

Next week, it will be something about how to attract natural search engine traffic…

The week after it is article marketing and so on and so forth.

And there is nothing wrong with all that.


All of it is useless (maybe even dangerous) if you don’t have a marketing system  that ties it all together and allows you to master each method, a bite at a time!


Here’s the reason I’m writing this letter…I can teach you method by method, idea by idea how to create qualified traffic to your website.

Yes, There Is A Formula!If you are ready to take your successful Network Marketing business to the next level using the Internet, I will give you the simple formula, and if you follow it, Your Success is Guaranteed.

So who am I and why should you listen to me?  The short version is  I have been involved in marketing over 25 years and created millions of dollars in income while developing a network marketing team of over 60,000 distributors before semi-retiring in 1990 to devote all my time to generic coaching and training.No, the purpose of this website, unlike 90%  of MLM Training sites is NOT to attempt to back you into a specific network marketing company.  My goal is to help you right here, right now with whatever company you have chosen to be with.
Dale Can Teach You!
Some network marketers don’t really get what I teach.I have heard people say, Dale is a “Warm Market” guy or Dale is a “Local Leads” guy, and so on and so forth, as if that is all I teach or believe in.If there is one thing I “get” it is MARKETING IS NUMBERS!   As a network marketer you must “Get” this….. You are simply looking for the “Right People” at the “Right Time” in their life …PERIOD END OF STORY.The more people you can get through on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, the quicker and faster you will realize success.  So I am all about “lead generation” online, offline, it doesn’t matter.  The name of the game is sorting through people!Amateurs spend all their time trying to convince and professionals sort!

The reality is; I am one of the first network marketing teachers and trainers to embrace the internet.  I conducted what I believe to be the first ever How to Market on the Internet for network marketers seminar ever held, back in 1999 when most network marketers were still saying  “the internet thing was a fad”.

As a matter of fact we sold over 5,000 of the courses for this seminar at $997.00 back in 1999 within 90 days after it was introduced!

This set is called The Creating Web Cash Video series.In this 8 hour video training we talk about many methods that are considered “Hot Topics”  today like Article Marketing, Creating Leads with Ebay and Online Auctions, Search Engine Optimization and much more, again at a time when most network marketers still considered the internet to be a fad!We have since converted this program to DVD’s and sell them in our catalog for $497.00 a set.One year later, myself and two of my team members conducted an all-day seminar called“The MLM Rhythm for the New Millennium”  in front of a live crowd of over 1,500 people.  This seminar was also made available on audio tape.This course consist of over 6 hours of audio training designed to teach network marketers how to effective use lead capture pages and email marketing to prospect.Yes, we were teaching this information years ago before the majority of people even knew what lead capture pages were.
Stay with me for a moment.I am not saying that I have “The Answer” or that every network marketer who says they have “The Formula”  for helping you become successful online is really just trying to back you into their deal.We’ve all heard about the “formulas”. The “traffic formula”. The “conversion formula”. The “blog and ping” formula.  and on and on.And I am not saying they’re all wrong.Because most of the time, they’re not and the information being taught is sound and solid.It is simply incomplete.My salvation from information overload was the decision back in 1994 to learn one method, and learn it well before attempting to find new ways to drive traffic to my websites.  Learn one thing and learn it well is some of the best advise I can ever give you concerning your own self-education.Today our sites average about 40,000 visitors a day, and 99% of our traffic is from FREE traffic sources!When you have the entire traffic generating formula you can indeed create income on demand, and build a real business from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you choose to work from).

You see it doesn’t matter if you are an affiliate marketer, network marketer, or you want to sell physical products through an online mall.  THE SKILL YOU MUST MASTER AND FOCUS ON IS HOW TO GENERATE WEBSITE TRAFFIC!

Does that make sense?

You might wonder, “Why do all the gurus continue to say that their method is   “THE METHOD“?”   Quite frankly they could possibly believe that, but reality is they have a $67.00 Ebook to sale you on that method, and there is nothing wrong with that.  I have bought them in the past and will continue to buy them in the future.  Nothing replaces becoming “self educated” and we can all learn from each other, even if it is what “NOT to do”

Or (more likely) you’re thinking, “Sure, Dale. You’re just the latest in long line of guys who promise to finally give me the ‘secrets’.  I am not trying to give you “The” Secret I am just trying to communicate that you already know the secret!

But I do respectfully submit that I am different. And I can prove it…

Proof I Can Help You…

I sincerely believe that most marketers are good at heart, so I don’t think anyone would deliberately withhold the secrets to getting massive traffic to your website.  They simply have chosen to focus on one method and that is totally understandable, maybe even predictable.And many of the people I’ve met during my years in Internet marketing have some of the biggest hearts and sincerely want to see others succeed.The problem is, despite their best intentions, there are so many different ways to make money and drive traffic to your website that most beginners are overwhelmed by a multitude of choices.It’s common for gurus to forget what it was like to be a newbie.  My first couple of years learning Internet Marketing I felt like everybody was talking over my head.  I try to remember that feeling now when I have the opportunity to teach.Many times people have told me I have the ability to help people see the obvious and simplify the complex, I like to think  that is true.Here is what 37 Year Direct Marketing Legend Michael Penland had to say:

PenlandDale Calvert is one of America’s foremost marketing experts.  And that’s not surprising since Dale is a leading authority on creating cash-generating systems that crank out money for you 24-hours-day, 7-days-a-week.  Several of his clients have followed his marketing systems and became millionaires. If you ever have the opportunity to pick Dale’s mind, DO IT!
His ability to help average men and women earn extraordinary incomes makes Dale Calvert one of the most sought after &  respected trainers in the world. If you ever have the chance to experience Dale in front of a live audience, DO IT!

That’s why a few months ago I filmed my “21 Ways to Create Leads Online” seminar that was held in Dallas Texas.  I wanted to make certain that anyone could understand and implement these ways, learning 1 method at a time by watching the DVD and following along in the course manual- mastering method by method, step-by-step or as I say during the seminar, “eating an elephant one bite at a time”…




Mastering Free & Low Cost Website Traffic Methods is Your Key To Fast And Lasting Wealth On The Internet

  • In today’s world when people are searching for a particular product, service, or need information, they head for the Internet. And they will gladly trade money for your product, service, or information if you can solve their problems or satisfy their needs.
  • The website traffic methods I teach you can be implemented quickly and easilyand you will see an immediate return on your investment.
  • I will teach you how to target small, but profitable, niches virtually ignored by most marketers.
  • These simple websites traffic methods can be implemented at a cost of ZERO dollars, but produce an income that many doctors and lawyers would envy.
  • The website traffic techniques I will teach you can establish you as an expert within your network marketing company, possibly opening the door for you to teach these methods at a corporate function if you so desire.  
  • I will even reveal to you an inside secret we used to make over $3,000 in monthly profit from retailing products online, this idea will
    blow you away!
I hope by now you are starting to see the obvious!  If you ever plan on making money online, there is absolutely nothing than can replace becoming a Master at website traffic generation.  I have no doubt you will be using these 21 Ways the rest of your marketing career.There is simply no skill more important in today’s market world NOW is the time to Master website traffic systems once and for all!

Treat Your Online Marketing Like A Business, This basic concept is nothing new. 

Before the Internet, people made millions selling info products. Direct response marketers spent big money on the front-end creating qualifying leads to sell their products, services, and business opportunity packages.The internet merely made it easier and lowered the cost of entry.And therein lies the problem. Anyone can sign up for a replicated site from their network marketing company or affiliate program. . Many of the folks attempting to sell products online or sponsor new team members, barely make enough  money to cover their hosting costs.What many of the gurus making $10,000 a month online don’t tell you is that in many cases they are spending $11,000 a month to create the $10,000 in commissions because the only method they use is costly pay per click campaigns.Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with those people…

Most are smart, hard-working, and energetic (I mean, heck — they actually went out and took some action, right?).   As long as they know their numbers, losing money on front end of campaigns could pay off very well on the backend or when you consider the “duplication factor” of multi-level programs.

The problem for those people who never seem to get ahead is in the HOW. Many people learn just enough to take action. In fact, they’re told that taking action is a good thing, that those who take action are the winners.

And that’s correct — mostly.

Taking action never created financial independence for anyone! Taking Action Is Not Enough — You Must Take The Right  Action

Suppose you enter a long distance marathon, like the Boston Marathon.You’re lined up with thousands of other runners, waiting for the starting gun to go off.And when that shot rings out, you turn around and run in the opposite direction—away from the finish line instead of toward it.You’ve taken action, but are you likely to win, or even finish the race?

But that’s exactly what happens for many marketers who never master how to generate free and low cost leads online.  You’re running away from your goal, away from the money, and away from everything that money can bring.

With proper website traffic systems and programs in place, you’ll create websites  that go to work for you.

It becomes part of a strategy designed to pull money toward you in ever-increasing amounts.That’s when you’ll earn money even while you’re on vacation or sleeping.

And that’s the secret the world-class Internet marketers know.

Now it’s your turn to get the same edge they have. That is the inside information you will learn in my course.

Just listen to what a few  “total newbie… marketers had to say that attended the live seminar:



The Ultimate Website Traffic Business Course:
If You Can’t Find It Here,
Then You Don’t Need It!

My marketing friends  who have previewed the package call it an “Online Lead Generation University in-a-box.”Maybe “university” is closer to the truth, because when you pop the flaps on this hefty carton, you’ll find a detailed explanation of every lead generation technique we use to create millions of visitors to our sites annually, representing a full range of methods, experience, and specialties and thousands of hours of testing and trial and error.  If it’s related to website lead generation and it works, you’ll find itBut don’t let the imposing bulk of 21 Ways to Create Leads on the Internet  intimidate you. 

We didn’t stuff this package with junk content just to fill the box. We kept it lean. Yeah, it’s still a big box, but there’s not a word of fluff anywhere in this 3 hour seminar.

That was one of my critical requirements when I set out to create 21 Ways to Create Leads on the Internet : Comprehensive, but manageable. I needed to cover all 21 Methods, but make it simple and easy to follow.

However, I don’t want you to think this course is just about creating website traffic, I also give you the inside information I have learned on:

  • List Building
  • Sending Traffic to the right kind of site
  • Why promoting your network marketing companies corporate site
    could be a disaster
  • Understanding your math and exactly how much you can afford to pay per click if you simply must spend money on traffic
  • Making money even when people don’t join your opportunity or buy your product
  • And much much more!

You will Learn At The Pace That Suits You Best…

And despite the sheer volume of information I wanted to include, I knew I had to keep it practical and accessible. That’s why I set out to create a program flexible enough to accommodate different learning styles and levels of expertise.Forget wading through hours of audio recordings to find that tiny nugget of wisdom. The combination of our video and audio, easy-to-use 90+ page workbook, lets you pick the method of learning that works best for you.If you want to start at the beginning and watch every second of video, hang onto every syllable on the CDs, and devour every last word in the workbook—well, go ahead.

Likewise, if you’ve already put most of the pieces together,  but need to fill in a few crucial gaps that are keeping you from reaching your goals, then take only what you need.

Want help finding a unique niche with plenty of hungry prospects? You can get that help quickly and easily. What about the right way to build a list of proven mlm professionals, the kind who when they join you will enthusiastically stuff your bank account to overflowing? You’ll find out how in minutes.

I organized “21 Ways to Create Leads Online”  to deliver…


I wanted to make certain you could get the very best website traffic methods —Working For You

I’ve been around since the “early days” of Internet marketing, and I’ll admit that I know the lay of the land pretty well. I’m sure that, given enough time (and there’s NEVER enough of that) I could have put together a respectable course on website trafficBut “respectable” wasn’t what I had in mind. I wanted to create the “definitive” website traffic course. This course would be the one that every serious network marketer, affiliate marketer, or any other entrepreneur marketer with even the slightest clue would keep within arm’s reach of their computer.And to create such a course, I knew I needed to conduct this training in front of a live audience filled with expert marketers as well as newbies, so that is exactly what I did.

Everything You Need in One Big Box:

“Complete 21 Ways to Create Leads Online Seminar”You will receive the entire money making course on:
– 3 Video DVD’s
– 3 Audio CD’s
– 90+ Page Workbook
Plus a Special Bonus CD Rom that you simply insert into your computer and let me guide you online step-by-step through many of the very best lead generating techniques.

And, Of Course, There’s More…

As everyone knows, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. And most people who dip their toes into Internet marketing truly intend to succeed.But somehow, many of them lose focus, grow discouraged, and settle for far less than they could achieve.The reason usually comes down to having questions and no way to get the right answers from the right person. . My best customer and students know this, which is why people routinely invest $500 an hour for me to work with them one on one.

For every person who makes the commitment to themselves now and picks up 21 Ways to Create Online Leads, I’m providing a certificate good for ½ hour  live one on one  coaching calls to be held anytime during the first year of purchase.  I want to maker certain that you get these systems mastered and making you money as soon as possible.

I’ll answer your burning questions and help you blast through any obstacles on your road to website traffic mastery.

The Best Start You Could Have

I know how tough it can be to get started in Internet marketing. I’ve been there myself and I’ve watched hundreds go through every predictable  phase.

They invest time, sweat, and sleepless nights—all the time wrestling with the uncertainty of “Is it really worth it?” And then there’s the money, the price of admission.

Everyone has something they want to sell you, and it all sounds so good. So you buy, and buy, and buy, but that promised payday never seems to arrive.  I believe in personal education more than anyone, and I congratulate for being a learner.  But listen, you know that success on the Internet comes down to two things, number one is traffic and number two, we’ll we will discuss that in a minute…..

It’s truly heartbreaking to watch someone go through this. But it’s even worse to see them give up. Especially for someone like me who knows how good life can be for those who “make it.

“That’s why I finally decided to conduct the 21 Ways to Create Leads on the Internet Seminar and record it for you.

I saw how desperately new marketers needed guidance. So I went back to the basics, where Internet marketing started with free website traffic ideas.

And I decided this had to be the most complete, yet affordable “How to create website traffic course” anyone has ever created. This package had to provide EVERYTHING you could possibly need to create and ongoing stream of website visitors and cash flow.

Why did it need to be so complete? Could I make more money selling you several specialized products? Of course I could. And many people do exactly that. I don’t fault them at all for that.

But I want to improve the odds that you will succeed.So, 21 Ways To Create Leads Online needed to be a comprehensive package that any serious marketer could afford.

When I set out to create this course and seminar, I didn’t have a price in mind. I focused on making it the best course on website traffic ideas that had ever been created. I decided to worry about price later.  I just wanted to make sure that every method taught in the course could create an immediate return on your invest, if you only used that one method.


Save Thousands Of $$ Today

Once we had completed 21 Ways to Create Online Leads, I started showing it to the other experts & marketing friends.  I asked them for their honest opinions about what it was worth. Many of these top guns were blown away by how much I had packed into this 3 hour seminar.Frankly, I have always been looked at by my marketing friends as someone who has charged too little. I had one seminar promoter tell me to put a price tag of $1,997 on it. 

He argued that if someone went out and bought all the packages they needed to cover what we’ve included in the 21 Ways to Create Leads Online Course, they would spend three to four thousand dollars! 

Save thousands of dollars by getting everything in one  package? To my promoter friend, $1997 was a no-brainer bargain.

I was stunned. Two-grand for my course? I respect my buddy as a marketer, and his million dollar marketing strategies are pure genius. But I couldn’t charge $1997 for Info Product Blueprint. It was too much to ask from people who were still getting started.  There is no question that most of my guru friends came up with the number $997.00.

As one of them told me, Dale, I will make ten times that with just one method, method #15 in the course.  (Method #15 alone helped a student become the #1 money earner in his MLM  program)

So I agonized, I sweated, and I hashed over my Excel spreadsheets, checking my costs and expenses for traveling to Dallas, etc. and…

Finally, I arrived at an investment I could live with and knew would blow you away: $397.


Maybe I’m crazy (many of my friends will agree), but I want you to have 21 Ways to Create Leads Online for $397. 

I know it’s worth more. And everyone who saw the pre-release package agrees.

But $397 fits in with my vision of making Internet marketing a reality for more people. Many wide-screen TVs cost more, but won’t help you buy that house you always wanted or put your kids through college. I want to change lives with this course. And yours is one of them.

I could spend another several hundred words telling you exactly how many dollars the methods in 21 Ways to Create Leads on the Internet are worth, but I’m sure you’ve read plenty of sales letters and seen the ridiculous numbers people come up with.

That’s really not my style. 

I told you what we’ve packed into these 3 DVDs, 3 CDs,  1 CD Rom and 90+ page manual for $397. 

If you can’t see the value of mastering website traffic techniques and creating a business that that gives you freedom and a lifestyle that any doctor or lawyer would envy, then I’m finished, and I wish you good luck. Really.


 video here
– We’re Taking Away The Excuses –

Ultimately, 21 Ways to Creating Leads on the Internet is about removing the roadblocks to your success.

If you’re reading this page, odds are you’re not where you want to be. And there’s a reason for that, probably a few of them.

That’s the real reason I create this course. I wanted to eliminate the excuses, the obstacles, the little glitches that can grind your progress to a halt. Over the years I’ve watched the big players go from clueless, rank newbies to the superstars they are today. I was there when they stumbled and fell. And maybe I was one of the “coaches” who helped them get back up and on the right track again.

You may not  believe me, but you’re a lot closer to accomplishing your goals than you might think. By making a few key adjustments, you can see your income skyrocket in only a few months.

It really happens, especially when you are able to duplicate these systems throughout your entire team, see the potential?


video here

If you agree Click here to get your copy shipped

30-Day Absolutely No-Risk
100% Money-Back Guarantee

GuaranteeTake a full 30 days to put 21 Ways to Create Leads Online to work for you.If you can’t easily follow the simple, step-by-step process that takes all the guesswork and risk out of creating an ongoing stream of qualified website traffic, then blame it on me and return the whole big box to me for a full refund.I’m so convinced that 21 Ways to Creating Website Traffic will change lives for the better that I want you to have every cent back if it’s not right for you. That’s only fair.Again, if you don’t feel I’ve delivered the goods, send it back. No questions asked. It’s that simple.

No matter where in the Internet Marketing curve you are, there are solutions waiting for you in 21 Ways to Create Leads on the Internet.


  • Not sure why you need a list or how to set it up It’s in here.
  • Know you need a My Space site but to Intimidated to set it up? You’ll learn all the ins and outs to make it completely painless.
  • Have no idea what a viral website is and why you should send traffic there instead of your corporate site?  I will explain everything in detail.
  • Questions about buying website traffic &  don’t know who to trust? Don’t worry, we’ll show you the ropes & give you the real numbers!
  • All thumbs when it comes to technology? You can still make as much money as the geekiest tech-head on the Web. You’ll learn the easy ways to find people that will beg you to let them help you.
  • Had problems getting people to visit your website in the past? You’ll discover all the common and not-so-common problems and how to avoid them. We’ll show you how to debug your website—in advance—so everything goes smoothly.
  • Overwhelmed by the whole idea of creating and launching a website?  Forget about it, I never have and hope I never do my own websites, and you don’t need to either.
  • Just can’t seem to find the right MLM Company or Affiliate program? That’s a common problem with many new (and not-so-new) marketers. That’s why we will give you the top 7 things you need to investigate before joining any online program

Decide if you want the income, the lifestyle, maybe even the stardom (if that appeals to you. Then take action. If you’re willing to step forward, I’m willing to help you achieve everything you want.

It’s your decision.

All Who Qualify Will Receive This Bonus
Don’t Wait Until They’re Gone!

$497.00 List Building Course
“How to Create an opt-in-list of
100,000 in 90 Days!

“How To Build Your Opt-in List of 100,000 In The Next 99 Days…Even If You Have No List, No Website, No Product & Even No Money!”

Every Single Secret, Strategy & Technique of this $997.00 Seminar Was Captured on Video And You Can Own the Complete 2-Part DVD Course RIGHT NOW!

List Price of this DVD Set $497.00 and we sell this course weekly out of catalog on page 12 for $297.00.  Yes, a catalog will be included with your course!

The Top Internet Marketers in the World teach you their most
guarded list building Secrets, Featuring………

* Mike Filsaime
* Tony Beal
* Glen Hopkins
* Terry Dean
* Socrates Socratous
* Jason Oman
* Chuck Daniel
* Reed Floren
* Henry Gold
* Dr. Richard Krawczk
* Mike Ambrosio
and the Master List Builder himself…….Joel Christopher

We are offering this course as a limited Bonus for all people who make the right move now and invest in the 21 Ways to Create Website Traffic Course.

I told you at the start of this letter that there are 2 determining factors that make a difference and create the outrageous incomes online.

Those 2 factors are:

#1 Is Website Traffic which is what we have been talking about the last few minutes.

#2 Is List Building and in my opinion, more importantly is the relationship you develop with your list.   Obviously we have not spent a lot of time on list building here but I do in the 21 Ways to Create Online MLM Leads course,  so I have just decided to include this $497.00 course as a limited bonus and give you the opportunity to get the inside scoop on list building from the TOP INTERNET MARKETERS IN THE WORLD!

This is not just some fluff reprints rights book I am throwing in as a bonus.  I paid Big Bucks for the duplication and production rights to this course and sell it weekly for $297.00, but when act now, it’s yours….FREE!

YOU Can learn the best list building strategies from the experts
on this awesome (2) DVD course.

Everyone knows “The Money is in the List” Now learn how to build
your list to 100,000 Opt in subscribers over the next 90 days


Let’s quickly recap what you are guaranteed to receive when you order the 21 Ways to Create Leads Online Course today:You will receive the complete course, 3 hours of real life training that will put cash in your pocket.  Many of the techniques you will be able to implement within minutes and start seeing an immediate return on your investment.

3 Hours of DVD Training repeated on Audio CD and Special Bonus CD Rom along with 90+ page manual.

30 Minute, 1-on-1 consulting certificate with Dale Calvert- a true market value of $250.00

Special limited time $497.00 Bonus Course “How to Build an Opt in List of 100,000 within 90 Days” featuring The Top List Building Experts in the World!

All for the incredibly low investment of only $397.00

You know what to do!With our 30 Day  Money Back Guarantee order your course now and try it out.If you are convinced the information will return to you 10 times your investment within a short period of time, return it and you have not lost a thing,  I will even let you keep the $497.00 “How to Build an Opt in List of 100,000 in 90 days as my Free gift to you for not procrastinating and taking action right now!

Now that sounds more than fair to me, what about you?

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Dale Calvert

Dale Calvert

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